Shad’s Bass Studio


Shad Tuck

Tuition Rate:

School Year (Sept.-May)

3o Minute- $88  Monthly

Shad has been playing bass and performing live since he was 7 years old. He attended Artswest School renamed Fresco Arts Academy for several years and was blessed to have sat under the teaching and performed with several gifted professional instructors including Grammy Award winning players.  He teaches both electric and upright double bass, jazz and rock genres, reading and music theory. Shad has won several awards including being featured at Hamp’ s Club at Lionel Hampton Music Festival. He was part of  a combo that took 3rd and 2nd place respectively at Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival. He is the bass player for COBA which won Boise’s Got Talent, opened for Victor Wooten, and has released it’s debut album. He is a gifted young composer and his compositions have been recorded on the Coba cd, Cari Stevens cd, and on the tour set list for Kobie Watkins, jazz percussionist.shadupright

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