Private Lessons

Tucksedo Studio offers limited slots for Private lessons in 30 minute increments as most of our lessons are in a group format. Lessons rates vary per instructor and pricing can be found on each instructors page but generally they are about $88/mo for 30 minute sessions. Tuition is charged in a flat-rate fee per month and is due the first week of every month. Lesson fees are due for the full month regardless of  student attendance or lack of. If an instructor must miss a lesson, a credit will be issued for the next month’s payment.  Lessons will not be invoiced unless a student’s payment is late. Payment not received by the second week of the month will be charged a $15 late fee. If a student decides to discontinue lessons please give the instructor a courteous 2 weeks notice prior to the upcoming month. Payment should be given directly to the instructor.

Registration Fee: $15 All new and returning students will receive a registration packet with policy sheet, studio calendar, and surprise goodies designed to enhance the students practice.

Missed Lessons: Instructors are under no obligation to do makeup lessons of any kind. Tuition is due whether you are present or not; sport events, sick or go on vacation. It is just like renting a house. You pay your rent whether you go on vacation or not. You are renting a space in the instructors schedule and it belongs to you, until you give the instructor notice of ending the lessons.  If advance notice is given of an absence, the instructor can search their teaching schedule and see if they have an opening and can offer you that available time. This is at their discretion. These openings can be very limited as the teaching schedule gets full so it cannot be guaranteed.

Snow Days: If the studio must be closed because of inclement weather, a make-up will be offered or a credit issued.

Sickness: Please do not come to lessons if you are coughing, have a runny nose, or fever! The student will not be able to play or sing well sick anyway! We all want to keep germs at bay. It is better to miss a lesson than to continue a cycle of sickness in the studio. This is how we all protect each other and save money in the big picture. An instructor reserves the right to send a student home if they are sick.

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