Welcome to Tucksedo Music Studio!

 Tucksedo Studio is owned and operated by  husband and wife team Terre and Jennifer Tuck.  We are excited to be celebrating 25 years of marriage, and teaching as a team in September of 2019! 

Our studio is designed with intention to promote music learning.

In a comfortable, resourceful environment, we partner with students and families to promote a lifelong relationship with music and creativity.

We keep the studio in-house, and this fosters a genuine nurturing environment for our students.

We build musicians. As we are doing that,  positive character traits and skills take shape. Learning an instrument naturally enhances creativity, perseverance, and fine motor skills. It also builds IQ,  personal excellence, and even kindness… all amazing  and important things!

But, above all these benefits…we have fun with music! We like sharing the joy of music with our students and encouraging them to share it with others! That’s why we not only develop solo skills, but also playing with others.

We truly have the best of both worlds here.  Our music studio in Star, Idaho is professional and real life. We welcome students to our country home where we work and play.  Last year, in the studio, we taught over 2800 music lessons!

We have several designated studio spaces, a parking lot, and waiting areas in our home. Having an in-home studio personalizes learning. We are non- institutional- and we see that as an ace up our sleeve in music education. We believe in the power of genuine community in a mom and pop enterprise, and investing in the next generation. 

Speaking of community- over the years, many lasting and beautiful friendships have grown from our studio. You can find many of our former students, (who are now part of our tribe of friends)- playing in bands, writing and recording their own music, or playing for their own church community. Some are teaching others. In whatever way they choose to enjoy their music-  all of their lives are truly enriched. We love that we have been able to play a part in that.

We offer group instruction in piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and garage band and limited private and semi-private openings.

Making and sharing music together in fellowship is one of our top priorities. We have two Big Recitals a year that are for the whole studio to come together and celebrate. Our recitals are multi-instrument, and we showcase many student group performers, and soloists. 

We offer several in-house mini-recitals throughout the year in the form of studio class performances. These studio class jams are for students to mix and perform for other students. We love developing performance confidence!

Tucksedo Studio is fully decked out and ready to rock!  We have multiple digital pianos with a grand piano and a large gathering drum, and classroom percussion. We have on-the wall monitors to get a closer view of the teacher’s hands or check out that latest youtube video. Our  garage studio  is the perfect place for garage bands. We have multiple drum sets, guitars, and a sound system. Our in-house recording studio makes recording projects affordable.

We embrace the music of all eras and genres.  Classical, Blues, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Broadway, Rock, Pop- we enjoy good music. We are deliberate in choosing great sounding music for students to play and sing that motivates.

Our students not only learn to play music well, but they understand the theory behind what they are doing. They learn to improvise, and are given the tools to create their own music. 

Tucksedo Studio Music Instruction:

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Audio Production, Garage Bands, Electric Bass, Music for Little Mozarts (early childhood), and Ukulele

  • For over a decade we were called Starlight Music Studio.  To clarify any confusion with other music groups and studios in the greater Treasure Valley with similar names, we chose to re-brand ourselves in 2016 to Tucksedo Music Studio.