Private Lessons

Tucksedo Studio offers limited slots for Private lessons in 30-minute increments.  Private lessons are reserved for adults, advanced students, students preparing to join an existing class, or students with special needs.

Semi-privates have two students sharing the same 30-minute time slot. Often they are preparing students to join a class, or a parent/child lesson. We offer the majority of our instruction in our awesome classes. We strongly encourage everyone to join a class first if they are able. Our classes are superb, encouraging making music together. Peer motivation increases students’ intrinsic desire to practice.


30- Minute Private Instruction  $100 Monthly Base Tuition, $7 Monthly Materials Fee =$107 Monthly Tuition (+ $30 Registration Fee)

30-Minute Semi-Private Instruction $75 Monthly Base Tuition, $7 Monthly Materials Fee= $82 Monthly Tuition (+ $30 Registration Fee)

Lessons are available in-person in Salmon, Idaho or online in Zoom!



Tuition is charged in a flat-rate fee per month and includes 3-5 lessons a month. Twice a year we will offer All Studio Recitals at a separate location in place of lessons that same week.

Tuition is due for the full month regardless of a student’s attendance or lack of. If an instructor must miss a lesson, a credit will be issued for the next month’s payment for the missed lesson at $25 each.

Automatic Payment

At the start of lessons, we set up payments through a secure automatic withdrawal system using PaySimple. The payment is withdrawn at the beginning of each month and an email notice of the withdrawal is sent.

Our listed tuition prices reflect payments set up with a checking or savings account. Prices on the website at checkout have a fee of $2.50 included for payments that are set up with credit cards. Please ask us for the discount code if you will be using ACH or a savings account to pay online.

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