Private Lessons

Tucksedo Studio offers limited slots for Private lessons in 30 minute increments.  Private lessons are reserved for adults, older or advanced students, preparing students for a class, or students with special needs. They are also appropriate for home schoolers who would prefer to learn earlier in the day. Semi-privates have limited openings with only two students sharing the same 30 minute time slot, often used to prepare students for a class or a parent/child lesson. We offer the majority of our instruction in our awesome classes. We strongly encourage everyone to join a class first if they are able.

Private Instruction Tuition 2021

Lessons are available in-person in Salmon, Idaho or online in Zoom!

If you would like to take Summer Lessons-click here

     30 Minute Private Solo Lesson: $100 month

     30 Minute Semi-Private Duet Lesson: $75 month each for each of the two students

Tuition is  charged in a flat-rate fee per month and includes 3-5 lessons a month. Every 6 weeks we will offer a studio class in place of lessons for that week. (Mini performance recital class) Twice a year we will offer All Studio Recitals at a separate location in place of lessons that same week.

Tuition is  due for the full month regardless of  student attendance or lack of. If an instructor must miss a lesson, a credit will be issued for the next month’s payment for the missed lesson at $25 each.

Automatic Payment

At the start of lessons we set up lesson payments through a secure automatic withdrawal system using PaySimple. The payment is withdrawn at the beginning of each month and an email notice of the withdrawal is sent.

Our listed tuition prices reflect payments setup with a checking or savings account. Prices on the website at checkout have a fee of $2.50 included for payments that are setup with credit cards. Please ask us for the discount code if you will be using ACH or savings account to pay online.

Online Payment Option

Registration forms and auto pay forms will be available on the first day of music lessons. However, if you would like the ease and security of paying for lessons online in the comfort of your home you can do that too.  After you call to setup and verify your time/schedule/lesson type with an instructor you can take care of your reoccurring payments ahead of time online with our secure site through PaySimple.

If you are setting up your auto pay with a checking or savings account instead of a credit card make sure you ask us for the $2.50 mo. discount code to use when you go through checkout.

Payments won’t be processed until the 1st of each month (until lessons are discontinued or paused). We ask for a 3 week notice if stopping lessons so we have time to turn off payments and find a replacement for your time slot. If you aren’t setting up your payment ahead of time (before the 1st) you can pay for the first month in person by check or cash and a pro-rated discount may apply.

Just click the button below to be taken to our certified and secure 256 bit encrypted site:

Purchase Lessons Online

Please Note: Lessons will not be invoiced unless a student’s payment is declined. All finance charges for declined payments will be passed on to the student’s account. If a student decides to discontinue lessons- a courteous one month notice must be made in order to avoid charges for the next month’s lessons.  We cannot refund any charges incurred without a 4 week courtesy notice.

Materials Your instructor will advise you as to what books and materials you need and where to purchase at the start of lessons. Students are expected to have their own functioning instrument to practice with.

Missed Lessons Instructors are under no obligation to do makeup lessons of any kind. Tuition is due whether you are present or not;  have sporting events, are sick or go on vacation. It is just like renting a house. You pay your rent whether you go on vacation or not. You are renting a space in the instructors schedule and it belongs to you, until you give the instructor notice of ending the lessons. 

If advance notice is given of an absence, the instructor can check their teaching schedule and see if they have an opening and can offer you that available time. This is at their discretion. These openings can be very limited as the teaching schedule gets full, so it cannot be guaranteed.

Snow Days If the studio must be closed because of inclement weather, a make-up will be offered or a credit issued.

Sickness Please do not come to lessons if you are coughing, have a runny nose, or fever! The student will not be able to play or sing anyway. We all want to keep germs at bay. It is better to miss a lesson, than to continue a cycle of sickness in the studio. This is how we all protect each other in our studio community and save money in the big picture. Instructors reserve the right to send a students home if they are sick.

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