Vocal Group Classes have hit the pause button for 2019- but all of our group piano classes include singing. Learning the piano is ginormously beneficial to singers! Why not take piano class with Jennifer Tuck and learn both?

For those who strictly want singing.. We have a waitlist for classes in Fall 2020…let Jennifer Tuck know if you would like to be on it. Email her at Jen@tucksedostudio.com Some limited private vocal lessons are available in Fall 2019 or Spring 2019. Call or email for availability. Jennifer Tuck- (208)286-0750

So what is Vocal Class?:

These 45 minute joy-filled group sessions are designed to give young singers an overview of basic vocal technique, and introduce harmony ensemble singing in a gentle age-appropriate manner. Diaphragmatic breathing, vowel shapes, warm-ups, vocal range, solo singing, ear-training, movement, and performance skills are addressed. A variety of genres are explored including classical, pop/rock, Broadway, folk, country, jazz, gospel, and blues singing.  Integrated Riser Choreography and Broadway Stage blocking  make performances high energy.