Enrolling Now! Fall Session Begins Sept. 12, 2019 with Instructor, Jennifer Tuck.

These leveled 45-minute piano classes meet weekly for 3-5 lessons a month. Fun group activities integrate music and technology.  Fun abounds with our digital pianos, on-the-wall learning monitor, theory games, gathering drum, and floor keyboard. Basic Singing is included as a necessary part of ear training and musicianship. Students learn to use their ears and eyes as they improvise, read notes,  form a keyboard orchestra, compose, and sing. Headphone time ensures that every student gets personal attention with the instructor.

Tuition: $88 every month. Includes 3-5 weekly 45 minute keyboard classes and  performance weeks. Payment is set up with recurring automatic monthly withdrawal through checking or savings account.

Meets: During afternoon studio hours  in our new Salmon Studio between 4:30 and 7:15 pm Monday,  and Tues and Fri. mornings. Please call and request your time! Online Zoom Private lessons are also available. Just ask!

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