Terre Tuck- Guitar Instructor

Terre Tuck teaches acoustic, classical and electric guitar in all styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country as well as Bass and Drums. He oversees our Garage Band (Jam Band) Program.

Terre has been playing music since his early teens. He has an A.S. in Music from North Idaho College where he also studied computers and business.

In college he played lead guitar in the pep band, and also performed in the jazz and wind ensembles.

Like many young guitar players in the 70s and 80s, Terre grew up listening to his favorite iconic rock and blues artists and then covering them in bands in performance.


Terre has been teaching guitar, bass, and drums since 1991 and is a gifted and thoughtful teacher that makes sure every student has solid technique and theory.

With these tools, they then have the skills for improvisation, and playing with others, and writing their own songs.

Terre enjoys writing his own music and using technology to enhance his compositions.

Gigging frequently with many different bands for all kinds of events and venues, Terre has a long and varied history of playing in bands, and in churches.

He has also played guitar for musical theatre productions and has been a studio session guitarist.

Terre has a passion for encouraging young people in pursuing their music and really loves seeing families play music together.

He realized his own dream of having a family band by starting his sons early in music and creating a family band, Tucksedo.

With his wife, Jennifer, and sons Shad and Tanner, they enjoyed playing, writing, and performing together as a family for much of the boy’s  youth and childhood. Terre enjoys working with kids, teens and adults and is passionate about equipping families to make music together.


Sound and Audio Recording. Terre offers in house studio recording and can record small or large groups affordably.

Any day of the week is a happy day for Terre in his recording studio. Would you like to record? Talk to Terre, he would love to bring your project to life! Read more about it on our recording studio page.

 Fall 2023 Rates:

School Year (Sept.-May) 3-5 lessons a month

  • Solo Private Lesson Tuition: 30 Minutes $100 Month

  • Duet Semi-Private Lesson Tuition: (Two students share 30-minute slot) 30 Minutes $75 Month per student

  • Classes 45 Minutes $88 per student

The above prices reflect payments set up with a checking or savings account. Prices on the website at checkout have a fee of $2.50 included for payments that are set up with credit cards. Please ask us for the discount code if you will be using ACH or a savings account.

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